The Hint platform has been designed so that it is easy to import data from your existing systems. To import patient membership data you will first need to upload patient demographic data. Once you have uploaded uploaded patient demographic data, you can then upload patient membership information by following these instructions

  1. Ask the Hint team to enable the Membership Uploader

  2. Open the uploader and then click 'Switch to Membership Uploader'

  3. Upload a CSV including the following headers as columns (required headers are in bold)

Required headers

  • Owner name - Is required and is the person who is paying for the membership and should include the First & Last Name of a patient/account owner in our system.

  • Billing period - Is required and should be Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual

  • Confirmed - Is required and should be set to False if you want to create an 'Unconfirmed' membership and should be set to True if you want to automatically confirm the membership. For confirmed memberships, if any bills are created they will be processed automatically after midnight.

  • Start date - Is required and should be set to the date that the membership was created if an existing membership, and should be set to the next bill date, if a new membership

  • Bill date - Is not required, but if 'Start date' is in the past, but the next bill date is in the future, must be set to the next bill date otherwise multiple bills will be created for the membership

  • Period fixed rate - This is the membership rate for the membership. If this field is left blank, we will automatically generate a rate based on your pricing model

  • Patient - The name of the first patient on the membership. If the owner is also a patient this field should be set to the same as 'Owner name'

  • Patient 2 - Any additional patients on the membership should be included here

  • Patient 3

  • Patient 4

  • Patient 5

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