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Employer Invoice Settings
Employer Invoice Settings

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Global Employer Invoice Settings

You can establish default invoice settings for all of your employers by navigating to 'Admin' and clicking on 'Employers/Sponsors.' You can customize:

  1. Notification: Invoice Upcoming: If you would like to remind your employers to update their enrollment list so that their upcoming invoice accurately reflects any changes, this email can serve as their reminder. This notification is sent one week prior to when the invoice is emailed to the employer.

  2. Notification: Invoice Created: This setting specifies when an invoice will be emailed to the employer for their review. This can be scheduled in advance or can be disabled by toggling the notification off.

  3. Schedule Issue Date: The issue date represents the date the invoice moves from draft (editable invoice) to issued (locked and ready for payment). Typically we see employers are given about a week to review the invoice and make any necessary changes before it becomes issued/locked.

  4. Schedule Autopay Date: If the employer pays by credit card or ACH, this is the date we will automatically process the payment on. This can be scheduled in advance or can be disabled by toggling this setting off.

  5. Due Date: the day the invoice payment is due by. For example, if the wants to manually process the payment on the CC/ACH (autopay disabled) or the employer pays you by check, what day do you expect to receive the payment by.

  6. Grace period: The grace period is the number of days after the due date when you want to remind the employer their invoice is past due. For example, if the invoice is due on Oct 1st and you enter a grace period of 14 days, we will send a reminder email to the employer on Oct 15th that the invoice is still outstanding.

  7. Charge Details: By default, this setting is disabled which means that any point-of-care charges paid for by the employer will not display the full charge item details or patient names. Instead, we will display the charge item category and amount (e.g. Labs, Meds, etc). If you would like employers/sponsors to have visibility of full charge details you can toggle this setting on.

Customizing Employer Invoice Settings Per Employer

To override the default employer settings on a per employer basis:

  1. Navigate to 'Employers/Sponsors' in the top menu bar

  2. Select the employer from the list of employer names

  3. Click on 'Invoice Settings'

  4. Customize the settings and click 'update' at the bottom to implement those changes for just this specific employer

For information on how to edit payment options please click here.

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