Global Employer Invoice Settings

You can establish default invoice settings for all of your employers by navigating to 'Admin' and clicking on 'Employers/Sponsors.' You can customize:

  1. Invoice notification settings: the day invoices are emailed to your employers or disable invoice emails by toggling the notification off
  2. Invoice issued on settings: all employer invoices remains in an editable draft view until issued. As you make changes to eligibility, we'll automatically update the invoice to reflect these changes until the invoice becomes issued. After the invoice is issued, all changes will be reflected on the next month's invoice.
  3. Invoice payment date settings: the day the invoice payment is due on & if it should be auto paid.
  4. Grace period: period of time where you're awaiting payment before the invoice shows a past due and we trigger the invoice overdue notification

Customizing Employer Invoice Settings Per Employer

To override the default employer settings on a per employer basis:

  1. Navigate to 'Employers/Sponsors' in the top menu bar
  2. Select the employer from the list of employer names
  3. Click on 'Invoice Settings'
  4. Customize the settings and click 'update' at the bottom to implement those changes for just this specific employer
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