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Multiple Plans for Employers
Multiple Plans for Employers

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When employees are self-enrolling under an employer or an employer is enrolling employees, you can define what membership plan the employee will be on or you can give them the option to select from multiple plans.

If you are going to allow them to choose from multiple plans:

  1. Make sure you have at least 2 plans created. More about creating employer plans can be found here

  2. Go to the Employer's 'Account & Pricing' tab. 

  3. In the section called 'Employee Pricing' switch the toggle 'Multiple Plans' to 'On' 

  4. A 'Select Plan' field will appear. Search for and select the additional plan you would like to make available to this employer 

If you have multiple additional plans you would like to make available, select '+ Add Plan' on the right under the 'Multiple Plans' toggle.

You can determine whether you would like this to be available for employees/employers to select when enrolling or if only practice admins can put an employee on this plan, by switching the 'Available For Enrollment' toggle on or off.

You can also define which plan you would like to be the default plan by selecting 'Make Default' next to the plan's name.

When you are manually enrolling a patient, you will see the option to select which plan you would like to put them on (regardless if the plan is available for enrollment or not).

If an company admin is manually enrolling a patient, and there are at least 2 plans with 'Available For Enrollment' toggeled to 'On', they will see the option to select which plan they would they to put the employee on.

When an employee is self-enrolling and you have left the toggle for 'Available for Enrollment' on for at least two plans, they will have a drop down menu they can use to select which plan they would like to be on.

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