Our Mailgun integration allows you to configure the domain (www.example.com) and email address (billing@example.com) for notifications that are sent from the Hint Platform. To configure this integration you will need to change some Domain Name System (DNS) settings on your domain name so we can be granted permission to send email on your behalf.

**NOTE: Adding these DNS records does not interfere with any of your current email delivery settings

To configure, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin->Integrations->Mailgun and click 'Integrate Mailgun'
  2. Enter the active email address you would like to send from and click 'Setup'
  3. This will produce the DNS settings that you need to configure with your hosting provider (e.g. godaddy.com). Please remember that your hosting provider may not be the same company as the company you registered your domain with. For example, you may have registered your domain with GoDaddy, but may actually host your site with HostGator. In that example, you must change the settings on HostGator, not GoDaddy. This is a fairly technical step, so if you don't have an IT person, or would like us to update your DNS settings for you, please send support@hint.com the username and password for GoDaddy or wherever your domain name is hosted
  4. Once your domain name settings have been updated, the integration will automatically start sending from your specified email address. It can take 12 hours for the DNS changes to activate so the sooner you can complete step 2, the better.
  5. To verify that your DNS settings have been setup correction, navigate back to Admin->Integrations->Mailgun - if the settings have been added correctly, they will display green check marks. If they still need to be configured, they will display a red explanation point.

Adding DNS Records for Commonly Used Providers:


We worked with Mailgun to ensure that any PHI that is shared with their servers when sending emails, are protected under HIPAA law. We have executed a BAA with Mailgun and so you do not need to enter into a BAA with them directly.

Note, prior to sending emails to patients, we recommend that you secure authorization to communicate with them via insecure channels. This BAA with Mailgun is only protecting information that is stored on their servers, not the emails that are sent from their servers.

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