Spruce Health is a HIPAA-compatible communications and telemedicine platform for providers to use with their patients. With this integration, you can text, email, and secure message with your patients, as well as call them via an integrated second phone line. Additional features include virtual-visit video calls, adaptive clinical questionnaires, easy team collaboration, voicemail transcription, and much more.

To turn on your Spruce integration:

  1. Click on 'Admin' on the top menu bar

  2. Click on 'Integrations' from the drop down

  3. Click 'Other Integrations'  and select 'Spruce Health'

  4. Click 'Integrate with Spruce Health'

  5. Click 'Connect With Spruce Health'

  6. You then will be redirected to Spruce Health's login page. If you already have a Spruce account click 'login' or select 'get started' to create a new account

  7. Click 'Connect to Hint'

To complete the configuration and initiate the import, please contact partners@sprucehealth.com once you have integrated with Spruce. Once the integration has been set up, Spruce will automatically import Hint patients and create a new conversation for each patient. When a patient is created in Hint, a corresponding conversation for the patient will be created in Spruce. Any changes made to patient contact information in Spruce will not affect patients in Hint. Once the initial import is complete you can configure the integration to send invites to Spruce for new patients who are added.

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What to expect from the integration

Once your Hint and Spruce accounts have been linked, you will be able to see Hint tags on each patient in your practice. By going into your Conversations tab (where your inbox is) on Spruce, you can see these tags. Spruce will tell you whether or not the patient is on a membership plan as well as their billing status.

What information is synced with Spruce?

The following fields will be synced with Spruce:

  • Name (first, middle, and last)

  • Date of birth

  • Phone

  • Email address

What tags are automatically applied to patient conversations in Spruce?  

  • Plan name: E.g., HintPlan_Membership

  • Membership status: E.g., HintStatus_Active, HintStatus_Inactive, HintStatus_Pending, Unpaid

  • Employer name: E.g., HintEmployer_DeftBrewingCo

  • Location: Associate patients with Locations (e.g., San_Francisco_Clinic) as part of Location Groups (e.g., California). This is particularly helpful if you are part of a group practice that is growing its footprint regionally.

Why didn't my patient sync to Spruce?

For secure conversations, Spruce requires a phone number and email address on their Hint profile.

For standard conversations, Spruce requires either a valid phone number or email address on their Hint profile. 

There are two instances when somebody is not automatically synced across both platforms:

1) If a Hint member has the same contact information as another member (home, cell or other phone number or email) usually this is a spouse or a child, we will only import one of the family members into Spruce. If you search for the other family member(s) by name in Spruce you should see that the conversation has an internal message associated with a note that the patient you can’t find was added. The patient conversation may also be tagged with PossibleHintPatient so you can also search tag:PossibleHintPatient to find them. You will then have to add the other patients into Spruce as a new Standard conversation with their unique phone number and then manually link to Hint (and Elation if applicable).

2) If the contact information of your new Hint patient is already in Spruce (i.e. they called/texted the office prior to joining) then they will have the same duplicate process occur as above. They will have the PossibleHintPatient tag and grey activity note. These surface to the top of the inbox at the time of creation so if they are archived without linking, they will remain unlinked.  In these cases, you can search by the phone number in the search bar (best practice is to copy and paste directly from Hint to Spruce so that the format is compatible with our search feature (XXX) XXX-XXXX) - then manually link.

If you are still having trouble syncing your patients, please email us at support@hint.com and we'll be happy to look into it! To see Spruce's list of best practices for this integration, click here!

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