Sometimes our automated verification processes either fail, or the patient doesn't use email or online banking and are therefore not able to complete the process. In this situation we have a backup solution that allows you to override the verification process.

If we are able to email the patient a request to verify their bank account, after 14 days you will be able to override the verification process. If we were not able to send an email to the patient then this option will be available after 30 days since it can often take a while for a paper statement to arrive

To override a patient's bank account information

  1. Search for the patient
  2. Click on the 'Payment Options' tab
  3. Click 'Verify Bank Account'
  4. Click the 'Override Verification Process' button
  5. To prevent you from verifying the incorrect bank account, we request that you re-enter the bank account information again, protecting you from typos.
  6. As soon as you re-enter the bank account and routing number, the bank account will be verified and any pending transactions will process immediately
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