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Twine is a collaborative care platform that helps providers improve outcomes, reduce office visits, and lower costs.

How it Works

Twine will automatically import Hint providers (as Twine coaches) and patients. When creating or updating a patient in Hint, a corresponding Twine patient will be immediately created or updated as follows: 1) Unconfirmed or pending patients in Hint will be ignored. 2) Active or unpaid will become active in Twine. 3) Inactive or deleted patients in Hint become archived in Twine. Note: syncing is currently one-way. Changes made in Twine will not affect patients or providers in Hint.

Integrating Hint Health with Twine

Twine supports integration with Hint Health. Once integration is enabled for your practice, the following information flows from Hint directly into the connected "group" in Twine, and changes to Hint fields are imported one-way to update corresponding fields in Twine:

Always make sure Hint fields represent up-to-date and accurate information so that patient and coaches in Twine remain up-to-date too!

To successfully integrate Hint with Twine, perform the steps below. Note that to complete these steps, you must have an Admin account within Hint and an coach account with the Integrations Admin role in Twine.

Once integration is active and the initial import is complete, you can tell your patients to download the Twine app and begin their collaborative care experience in Twine!

As you add new patients and practitioners to your practice or update their information in Hint, they will automatically be updated in Twine.

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