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Invoicing Ahead of Time
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Hint Health allows your practice to customize how far in advance membership invoices will be generated on the patient's account and whether or not to send the patient's a heads up email notification with a link to the invoice.
​To configure how far in advance you would like invoices generated:

  1. Go to Admin > Membership Options > Invoicing Ahead of Time

  2. In the first column, input the number of days you would like invoices generated ahead of time for autopay enabled, autopay disabled, monthly and non-monthly memberships

  3. Use 'Schedule Payments in Advance' if you would like patient invoice to be paid in full on a date after the due date

  4. Patient email notifications can be enabled/disabled and customized

Invoices will generate in advance with a scheduled payment date of the membership's next bill date. If you need to change the payment day on an issued invoice, see this overview on how to schedule a payment on an invoice.

For Autopay Enabled Memberships:

Membership invoices will automatically process on their payment date.

For Autopay Disable:

Invoices will appear in your outstanding payments if payment is not manually processed or recorded by the invoice date.

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