Hint Health allows your practice to customize how far in advanced membership invoices will be generated on the patient's account.

To configure how far in advance you would like invoices generated:

  1. Click on'Admin'
  2. Click on 'Membership Options'
  3. Click on'Invoicing Ahead of Time'
  4. Input the number of days you would like invoices generated ahead of time for autopay enabled, autopay disabled, monthly and non-monthly memberships
  5. Click 'Upgrade To Invoicing Ahead of Time' (only for accounts created prior to 6/23/16)

Invoices will generate in advance with a scheduled payment date of the membership's next bill date. If you need to change the payment day on an issued invoice, see this overview on how to schedule a payment on an invoice.

**NOTE: Upgrading to invoicing ahead of time will change the lead time for 'Upcoming Membership Bill' notifications to coincide with the day the invoice is generated. The new notifications will also attach the PDF invoice to the email. For example, if you set invoices to generate 30 days ahead of time, the patient will also receive the upcoming bill notification 30 days ahead of time.

For Autopay Enabled Memberships:

Membership invoices will automatically process on their payment date.

For Autopay Disable:

Invoices will appear in your outstanding payments if they are not marked as paid by the payment date.

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