Configuring Lead Source
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Track marketing campigns, referrals or broker commissions via preconfigured lead sources. The lead sources display to the patient on the online signup form via dropdown menu and to your office admins on the patient demographics screen. To preconfigure lead sources:

  1. Navigate to 'Admin'

  2. Click on 'Online Signup'

  3. Click on 'Lead Sources'

  4. Type in the lead source name and click '+Create Lead Source'

  5. Toggle the lead source to 'on' to display it on online signup

To assign a lead source from the patient's profile:

  1. Navigate to the patient's profile

  2. Click 'Edit patient'

  3. Select the lead source from the dropdown menu

  4. Click 'Update'

If you would like to automatically apply a lead source to an online signup link, add '?lead=leadsource' to the end of your plan's sign up link URL. 

Ex: If my signup link was and I wanted all patients joining through that link to be tagged with the lead source ‘Business Referral’, the URL would look like this:

  • To include a space within a lead source, use %20, i.e. lead=social%20media

  • Lead sources are case sensitive. For example, 'Social media' and 'social media' are considered two different lead sources

How to Make “Lead Source” a Required Field on Online Sign-Up Forms

You can require patients who enroll in your practice online to identify how they learned of your practice. This is known as the “Lead Source”.

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Online Signup.

  2. In the “Global Settings” tab, scroll down to “Collect Lead Source” and mark it “Required”.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”.

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