If the patient's bank does not appear in the dropdown menu or they do not feel comfortable using their online banking credentials, the patient is given the option to use micro-deposits to verify their bank account. The patient can select this verification option by choosing 'other' bank from the list of banks during online signup. Additionally, if a patient’s bank account is added manually by a member of your practice, the patient can only verify their bank account using the trial deposits process. This verification process is shown below in the following steps:

  1. Two small deposits, less that 1 dollar each, will be deposited into the patient's bank account within 1-3 days
  2. An email will be sent to the patient with a link to verify the deposits 2 days after the account is added in Hint
  3. The patient will need to check their bank statement and then follow the link to enter the 2 amounts
  4. When the system matches the two amounts, the bank account is verified, and charges will begin processing

Automated Bank Verification (via Test Deposits)

Test deposits ("micro-deposits") are used by financial institutions to verify routing and account information. This prevents money from being accidentally or maliciously withdrawn from the wrong account.

Locating Test Deposits

A patient should look for two small transactions (< $1) on their statement. They should be from "Your Business Name. VERIFICATION" or a similar name. Here's an example:

Why This Might Not Work

  • Routing or bank account number was entered incorrectly
  • The bank account cannot accept electronic transfers
  • The bank account's transaction limit has been exceeded


If a patient cannot find the test deposit on their statement, you can try:

  •  Waiting longer: Deposits will normally show up in a bank account two days after it is added in Hint. This is the same day that we email patients about verifying their account. However, in some cases it may take up to five business days for the deposit to appear. This will occur if a bank is slow to register deposits in the patient's account (a bank may take up to three days to do this).
  •  Contacting the bank: Have the patient contact their bank to confirm that they can receive electronic transfers and have not reached their transaction limit.

If this still doesn't work the bank account can be verified using our Manual Bank Account Verification process (directions below).

Verifying on Behalf of The Patient

You also have the ability to verify the account by speaking with the patient directly

  1. Click the 'Verify Bank Account' button on the patient profile
  2. Enter the amounts as patient reports from their bank statement

Manual Verification Process

Sometimes our automated verification processes either fail, or the patient doesn't use email or online banking and are therefore not able to complete the process. In this situation we have a backup solution that allows you to override the verification process.

Here is how it works:

  1. If we are able to email the patient a request to verify their bank account, after 14 days you will be able to override the verification process. If we were not able to send an email to the patient then this option will be available after 30 days since it can often take a while for a paper statement to arrive
  2. Once the option to manually override the verification process has been enabled, you can click the 'Override Verification Process' button
  3. To prevent you from verifying the incorrect bank account, we request that you re-enter the bank account information again, protecting you from typos. As soon as you reenter the bank account and routing number, the bank account will be verified and any pending transactions will process immediately
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