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Why Are Some of My Deposits Slightly Off?
Why Are Some of My Deposits Slightly Off?
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In the 'Received Payments' and 'Deposits' report, you may occasionally see deposit totals that don't seem to line up. It might look something like this:

Why is $1.75 "missing"? The short answer is: Refunds and failed payments are not perfectly tracked. Thus, seeing discrepancies of $1-2 is expected in a small minority of cases.The longer explanation is...

  • Failed payments: When bank account (ACH) payments fail, Stripe charges you $1 for a "failed payment fee". That Stripe-only charge is not currently tracked in Hint's system, and thus will not show up in the report.

  • Refunds: When refunds happen, Hint's fee is also refunded, however, that fee refund may not get deposited until a day later. Thus, you might see a deposit that appears a little "short", and then another that appears like it's too high, or potentially just unrelated to any of your charges. This is likely because of Hint's refunded fee amount.

We know this is not ideal. Some of it is out of our control, as it's fundamentally an issue with how and when Stripe deposits the amounts. However, part of it is improvable, and we are working to do just that.

If any of your deposits seem off by more than $1-2, or can't be explained by failed/refunded charges, please let us know! It's really important to us that you have good visibility into your financials!

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