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Sales Tax Reporting

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Tax will be reported as soon as an invoice is issued, even if the payment has not yet been collected. If the invoice was issued in error, you can void the invoice which will reduce the tax report by the amount listed on the invoice as well as remove the invoice from the payer’s balance. If an invoice is uncollectible you can mark it as bad debt which will also reverse the tax on the reports, but this will leave the amount due in the payer’s balance.

  •  TXN DATE: The date of the transaction 

  •  AMOUNT: How much tax was charged

  •  RATE: The rate used to calculate the amount of tax charged 

  •  SERVICE DATE: Period the invoice covers

  •  PROVIDER: Which Provider the patient saw 

  •  INVOICE: Which invoice these tax charges appear on 

You can filter by Date, Jurisdiction, or Provider. We also provide an easy "summarize" option to quickly show you the totals of all your sales tax transactions by the given parameters. Just click the Summarize drop down and choose what you'd like to summarize by.

In order to remit the amount of sales tax owed to each tax jurisdiction you can summarize by tax jurisdiction.

  1. From the report page click 'Summarize' 

  2. From the drop down menu that will appear choose 'By Tax Jurisdiction' 

If you want to change what time period you are viewing, either click where the current month and year are, and switch to a different month or choose all time. If those time periods do not meet your needs, you can also edit the date fields to narrow or widen your time frame. 

For information on getting started with Sales Tax, see this article.

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