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Adding and removing employees/dependents from an employer invoice
Adding and removing employees/dependents from an employer invoice

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While employer invoices are in draft mode, you can:

  1. Add new employees: adding an employee with an enrollment date of the 1st of the current month will automatically update the invoice to include that employee and their dependents on the draft invoice

  2. Removing terminated employees: remove eligibility while an invoice is in draft mode and we'll remove that employee and their dependent from the draft invoice

When are invoices generated?

Invoices are generated into "draft mode" in the following two situations:

  1. When an invoice is paid

  2. When an invoice becomes past-due

This means that you should always have next month's invoice available to preview well in advance.

Can I share draft invoices with my employers?

Absolutely! We actually recommend sending invoices to your employers when they're still in draft mode. That way, your employers can review the invoice and make enrollment changes if necessary before the invoice is finalized and paid.

Keep in mind that invoices have to be issued before they can be paid. However, if you share a draft invoice with an employer, the employer can "approve" the invoice, which issues the invoice and makes it payable.

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