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Employee Uploads: Uploading an employee roster
Employee Uploads: Uploading an employee roster

Please note that access to this feature requires a subscription to our Growth tier. You can inquire by contacting

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If an employer provides you with an eligibility file or an enrolled employees list that you would like to upload into Hint, please follow the below directions:

  1. Navigate to 'Employers/Sponsors' in the main menu and click into the employer's account

  2. Ensure that the Company's default enrollment/billing and termination settings meet your expectation. These settings are found on the Account & Pricing section, under Employee Sign Up.

3. Go to the tab 'Employee Uploads'

4. Click '+ Upload file'

5. Search/select the file from your computer

  • The file must be a CSV. Click here to access the upload template. The following fields are required when uploading a roster of employees:

    • First name (required)

    • Last name (required)

    • Date of birth (required)

    • Member type (required)

    • Dependent Of (required for dependents, leave blank for employees)

  • If you are uploading an eligibility file, meaning you want employees to show as eligible but not yet enrolled, omit the 'Membership Start Date'.

  • To term patients in bulk, use the column 'Term Date'.

6. Click 'Process Upload'. The file will take a moment to process. You may need to refresh your browser to see the processed file.

7. Click into the file name to review the results of your file in HintOS.

  • The 'Status' column indicates if the file processed successfully or failed.

    • If the file fails, click into the file name to see the failure reason (files usually fail due to an unknown column name or a missing required column. Please update the column headers to match our template.)

    • For successfully processed files, click into the file name to review errors and audit changes including termination and enrollments.

If you need assistance uploading a roster please email

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