If an employer provides you with an eligibility file or an enrolled employees list that you would like to upload to Hint, please follow the below directions.

  1. Go to the employer's 'Employees' tab
  2. Select '+ Upload Employees'

The following fields are required when uploading a roster of employees:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Date of birth (required)
  • Eligibility date (if not included, will default to today)
  • Email
  • Dependent Of (required for dependents, leave blank for employees)

The file must be a CSV.

If you are uploading an eligibility file, meaning you want employees to show as eligible but not yet enrolled, you will want to include the 'Eligibility date' column but not the 'Membership Start Date' column nor the 'Bill From Date' column.

If you want to upload a list of employees and enroll them at the same time, you will want to include the 'Eligibility date' column, 'Membership Start Date' column and 'Bill From Date' column. Please keep in mind employee's bill date must be the 1st of a month.

If you need assistance uploading an roster please email support@hint.com.

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