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How/When Do I Get Paid?
How/When Do I Get Paid?
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You get paid on a daily basis to the bank account that's connected to your Stripe account (If you are accepting payments through Hint, you have a Stripe account). Some notes on how this works:

First Deposit

  • Your first deposit ever from Stripe will take 7 business days to hit your bank account. Stripe does this for risk mitigation reasons.

Ongoing Deposits

  • While payments are sent daily, each day's payments represent charges that took place 2 business days prior (Note: this includes charges made before 4pm PT/7pm ET)

  • In the case that a patient pays with an ACH, it can take up to 5 business days for this payment to clear and another 48 business hours for this to deposit into your account. For more information on ACH payments, please take a look at the following article:

While you can login to Stripe at any time to view your deposit info, Hint provides a deposit level report that links your charges to your bank deposits. This report can be found in your reports dropdown by clicking on Reports --> Deposits. Clicking into each deposit amount will show you the individual payments that make up that deposit:

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