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Salesforce Integration
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The integration package provides bidirectional linkage of Contacts and Hint Health Patients. Data fields from Hint Health Patients are automatically kept in sync with fields on Contact records. Batch functionality is available to auto sync all or selected Patients and Contacts.

Installation of the Integration Module

Both Hint Health and Salesforce Admin privileges are required to perform the installation.

Step 1: Install the Integration Module in your Salesforce org

Simply login to your org, then follow the link below, which will automatically start the installation process (Salesforce Hint Health Integration Module User Guide). You will be prompted to install for Only Admin Users, All Users, or Specific Profiles. Most installations will be for all users. When asked to Approve Third-Party Access, check the box for Yes. An Installation Complete screen will appear to indicate that the installation was successful. You will also receive an email indicating a successful installation.

Step 2: Create a Salesforce Site to receive Hint Health webhook messages

Step 3: Connect Hint Health to Salesforce

An authorization code for Salesforce to connect to Hint Health must be obtained. In Hint Health, choose Admin->Integrations, then Other Integrations->Salesforce.

Press the 'Integrate with Salesforce' button to generate an Authorization Code that will allow Salesforce to connect to Hint Health. In Salesforce, open the Hint Health tab from the full list of tabs. You may optionally move the Hint Tab to the Tab Bar for faster access. Paste the integration Authorization Code copied from the Hint Health Integration page into the Authorization Code field. Then, create a Default Account for contacts created by Hint Health to Salesforce direction syncs. This account name will be used for all contacts created by these syncs that do not already have associated accounts. Once the Authorization Code and Default Account are entered and saved, the connection to Hint Health will be established.

When the Salesforce Integration page is refreshed in Hint Health, a success message, with the Status Active of the integration, is displayed.

Step 4: Configure the Webhook url to Receive Hint Health messages

On the Hint Health page in Salesforce, choose Show Webhook, and you will see the following. The default webhook url is shown, but this must be changed. Clicking on the Edit button will bring up a dropdown of available Salesforce sites in your org. Choose the site that you created for the integration, and click Update Webhook.

Step 5: Configure Salesforce Contact Page Layout(s)

Several items must be added to the Contact Page Layout(s). First, add a new section to the page to hold the Hint Health information, in whatever location you wish. Name it Hint Health, and configure the Layout to 1 column. Then, add the Visual Force page, HintPatient to the new section.

The Visual Force section will appear as shown below in the contact record page.

Add the Sync to Hint and Unlink Patient buttons to the contact layout(s).

Save the new contact page layout(s).

The Integration Module is now fully installed and configured to connect Hint Health with Salesforce.

Operation of the Integration Module

Fields that are synced between Hint Health Patients and Salesforce Contacts

The Integration module keeps Hint Health patient fields and Salesforce contact fields synced. When changes are made in Hint Health to a Patient, those changes are reflected in the Salesforce Contact, and visa versa.

  • Name Prefix

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Email

  • Mobile Phone

  • Home Phone

  • Office Phone

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Country

  • * Practitioner Name

  • * Insurance Payer

  • * Insurance Group ID

  • * Insurance Member ID

  • * Member Contract Accepted

  • * Member Contract Accepted At

  • * HIPAA Authorization Accepted

  • * HIPAA Authorization Accepted At

  • Read Only in Salesforce

Manual Syncing of a Single Contact and Patient

When the Sync to Hint button is pressed on a Salesforce contact record, a search screen will appear.

The Search Key is automatically populated with the contact name, and a search for similarly named patients is performed in Hint Health with results displayed below. The Search Key can also be edited, and a live (as keys are pressed) search will be performed.

If the desired patient is found in Hint, simply select the radio button next to that patient’s name, and select Sync Patient.

If the desired patient is not found in Hint Health, and you wish to create a new Hint Health patient to match the Salesforce contact, select Create New Patient.

Upon completion of the sync, the contact record will be displayed, with the Synced to Hint checkbox checked, the Hint Patient Id filled in, and all other Hint-native fields that are populated in the Hint patient filled in.

During manual syncing of individual records, if data for a particular field exists in both the contact and the patient, the patient data will be overwritten by contact data.

If a data field in the Contact record is blank, and the data for that field exists in the patient, the contact will be updated with that data. Syncing to an already-linked patient is allowed. If this is done, the previously linked patient is unlinked, and the newly selected Patient is linked to the Contact and subsequently kept in sync.

Creation of Salesforce Contacts from new Hint Patients

Creation of Salesforce contacts upon creation of Hint patients is controlled by the checkbox on the Hint page, ‘Create new Contact for Patients without Demographics Matches During Sync of Patients to Contacts’. If selected, when a new patient is created in Hint, that patient will be synced to a Salesforce contact automatically.

If there is no demographic match for the Hint patient in a Salesforce contact, a new contact will be created. The Synced to Hint field will be checked, and the Hint Patient ID field will be populated, along with the Hint data fields.

If there is a demographics match for the patient in a contact, the patient and the contact will only be synced together if the Synced to Hint field on the contact is not checked. If it is not, the process will check the Synced to Hint field on the contact, populate the Hint Patient ID, and all Patient data fields will by synced. Where any Patient data fields are blank, any Contact data for those fields will be populated into the patient fields. Where there is conflicting data in the contact and patient fields, the patient field value will overwrite the contact field value.

Batch Syncing Hint Patients to Salesforce Contacts

This feature is accessed on the Hint Tab page. The batch synchronization of existing Hint Patients to Salesforce Contacts will have a button on the Hint Tab’s Visualforce page to invoke it.

This process assumes that all Hint Patients are to be Synced with Salesforce Contacts.

First, exact contact demographic matches (First Name, Last Name, DoB) with the patients is searched for. If a patient has an exact match to a Salesforce contact, the 2 records will be synced. The Synced to Hint field will be checked in the contact record, the Hint Patient ID field will be populated, and all Patient data fields will be synced.

Where any patient data fields are blank, any contact data for those fields will be populated into the patient record. Where there is conflicting data in the contact and patient fields, the patient field will overwrite the contact field.

If no exact match is found for the Hint Patient, the ‘Create new contact when no demographic match found in Salesforce’ checkbox is used to control whether a new contact will be created in Salesforce for the unmatched patient. The Refresh button must be used to update progress.

Batch Syncing Salesforce Contacts to Hint Patients

The batch synchronization of Salesforce Contacts to Hint Patients will have a button on the Hint tab’s Visualforce page to invoke it, Batch Sync Contacts to Patients. Once pressed, the button will change to an “Abort Batch” button in the event that the user wants to abort the batch syncing before it completes. As soon as the batch sync process starts, the Batch Sync ID field will be populated.

As it is unlikely that the user will want to sync all Salesforce contacts to Hint Health patients, this feature uses a Salesforce Contacts Report as input to define which contacts to sync.

First create a Salesforce report with results for the contacts you wish to sync, with the Salesforce ID field in the first data column. No other data columns are required. Export the results as a CSV file. Be sure to delete the paragraph of text below the data in the CSV file.

 Once a CSV file with the contacts to be synced has been created, press the Browse button and a File Open dialog will be displayed where you can select and load the CSV file. Then the batch Salesforce to Hint syncing can be started with the Start Batch button.

 Contact records with an exact demographics match to a Hint Health patient, which are not already linked between Hint and Salesforce, will be linked, The Synced to Hint and Hint Patient ID fields will be filled in on the contact, and contact data for all patient fields will be populated in the patient record, overwriting any Patient data that exists in those fields. Where Hint fields on the contact are blank, and the patient record has data for them, the patient data will be used to populate those contact Hint fields.

If the contact is already linked to a patient, the contact will be skipped. Where multiple demographics matches are found, the contact will be skipped

Batch Processing Results

A report is installed with the package which is used to show the full results of a batch run.

To get the results of a batch run, edit the report filter on Last Batch Sync Id and paste the Last Batch Sync ID from the Batch Processing Progress section of the Hint page into the equals value. 

Unlinking a Contact from a Patient

Deleting links between Salesforce contact records and Hint Health Patient records can only be performed from Salesforce. To unlink a patient and a contact, use the Unlink Patient button in the Hint section of the contact record.


The Integration Module uses a custom object for log entries. The full Integration Module log is accessed via the View Log button on the Hint Health page in Salesforce.

Log entries have 3 levels: Debug, Error and Exception. To see the details of any log entry, simply use the Edit link next to the entry you wish.

Uninstalling the Hint Health to Salesforce Integration Module

Step 1: Uninstall the Salesforce package

First, remove the following items which you added during installation from your contact page layout(s)

  • Hint Health Visual Force Page

  • Hint Health Information Section

  • Sync to Hint button

  • Unlink Patient button

Then, proceed to uninstall the package. Choose Installed Packages from the Setup menu.

A screen of installed packages comes up. Choose the package titled ‘Hint Health’ and press the uninstall link.

Step 2: Deactivate the Integration in Hint Health

Go back to the Salesforce Integration page in Hint Health, as described in Step 3 of the Installation section.

Choose the Cancel Integration Link. Uninstall of the Integration Module is now complete. Keep in mind that contacts created in Salesforce from Hint Health will remain, and visa versa.

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