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Received Payments Report
Received Payments Report
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The Received Payments report is a report of all the money you have received or refunded for both patient and employer charges. You are able to sort by 'Transacted' payments as well as 'Deposited' payments for any period of time.

The 'Transacted' filter will show all successful payments. This includes deposited payments, payments that have not yet been deposited, clearing ACH payments, and also includes external payments (checks, cash, external card payments, etc). The 'Deposited' filter means that the payment has been deposited into your bank account. You can see the deposit date by looking at the blue timestamp in the "TXN DATE" column. 

This report will give you real time and historical data about cash flow in your business. For example, if a charge is invoiced last month, but paid/refunded this month, this report will only show the charge once it was paid/refunded this month.

In the case of a partial payment or partial refund, we will apply the received payment to each charge of the invoice, in order, until the invoice has no payment amount remaining.

This report is primarily designed to support your accountant in closing the books, and, and is sometimes used by businesses who reimburse providers based on actual cash in the door.

To navigate to this report click on 'Reports' and then select the 'Received Payments' report. To drill down on any single charge or invoice, simply click the invoice # you are interested in reviewing and it will take you directly to the invoice details page.

The report will default to the transacted payments for the current month. You can add filters for a different time range, category, locations, and providers. So for example, to view all patients who had a lab charge on an invoice that was paid in July 2019, you can filter for 'Lab' payments in 'July 2019' as shown here: 

A summary pivot table can also be pulled up so that you can create a report that summarizes payments by category, provider, or location. The following shows the report 'Summarized by Provider' in 'July 2019'.

To see summarized deposits to your practice's bank account, check out the Deposit Report.

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