We launched an updated version of this integration, if you are looking for information about the new Bi-Directional Patient Sync click here. If you have not yet migrated, read the migration guide and reach out to get upgraded!

Why would a patient fail to sync?

For more information on why a patient failed to sync, go to the 'Integrations' section on their patient tab. This section will list where conflicts have been found between Hint and Elation. To view more specifics, click 'Show Conflicts'.

Common causes of a patient failing to sync are:

  • Name and Date of Birth are required

  • Conflicts found in the patient's phones, email, and practitioner

  • State written out vs. Abbreviations (California vs. CA)

  • Invalid value for primary_physician - Does not appear to be a valid physician user in this practice

  • Insurance provider was not selected from the dropdown menu options

How to resolve a merge conflict?

  • If you determine that Hint is correct, click 'Sync to Elation Anyway'. This will push the data from Hint to Elation, replacing what is in Elation with what is in Hint

  • If you determine Elation is correct, in Hint click 'Edit Patient' at the top of the patient's patient tab, and edit the relevant fields so they match Elation.

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