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Patient Invoices Report
Patient Invoices Report
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There are three key reports that are designed to allow you to track invoices, revenue, and payments giving you a full realtime and historical overview of the financial status of your business.

Patient Invoices

The patient invoices report gives you a snapshot overview of draft, issued, sent, paid, and cancelled invoices. This report is primarily designed to support an efficient and streamlined collections process and will be the report most useful for patient follow up.
To navigate to the patient invoices report, click on 'Reports' and then select 'Patient Invoices' from the drop down. To drill down on any single invoice, simply click the invoice # you are interested in reviewing and it will take you directly to the invoice details page.

To view membership invoices that were issued in advance on this report, set the date range as upcoming:

Additional filters available in this report include:

  • Invoice Date (can be changed to a specific month, all time, or a custom range)

  • Invoice Status (draft, issued, or outstanding; in addition to paid, sent, retrying, cancelled, bad debt, and disputed)

  • Autopay (enabled or disabled)

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