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Customizing Notifications
Customizing Notifications
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Custom Salutation

By default, Hint's notifications to your patients will use the pattern "Hi John,"; "Hi Mary,"; etc.

If you would like to use a different salutation you can specify this by going to Admin > Notifications > Settings.

CORRECT: Good Morning

INCORRECT: Good Morning, --> This would add an unnecessary comma and would look like this: "Good Morning, Mary,"

Using Recipient's Title and Last Name

If you would like to be more formal, you can address recipients using their title and last name. This pattern will look like this: "Hi Mr. Smith,"; "Greetings Miss Jones,"; etc.

Recipient will be addressed using their title if it has been specified. If title has not been specified, but gender has been specified, they will be addressed using "Mr." or "Ms.". If neither title nor gender has been specified, they will be addressed using their first name.

A patient can provide their title when they signup or you can add it on the patient screen.

Email Closing

By default, all emails from your practice will end with the following text:

If you think you've received this message in error, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at <LINK TO EMAIL YOUR PRACTICE>.


Customizing the Body of Notifications

You can edit the body of the content by going to Admin->Notifications->Patient Notifications and clicking 'Customize' under each notification. Clicking 'View' will let you preview our default text.

Once you have customized the content, click 'Preview' to see how your email will display. You can also select  'Send Me a Test Copy'. When you are satisfied with the content, click 'Use this Email'. If at any time you decide you would like to start over with our default text, just select 'Reset to Default Version'.

When editing a notification, make sure to only edit the regular text and not any text that is in brackets #{{ }}. If you need assistance customizing any notifications, please email us at

You can also select which notifications you would like your patients to receive and which ones you would like to turn off to the right of the notification:

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