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Employer Portal: Viewing and Paying Invoices
Employer Portal: Viewing and Paying Invoices
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Invoices are issued based on the schedule the practice has set for your company. Once an invoice has been issued, a draft invoice for the next month can be generated and shared. The timing for when a draft invoice is available to you can be set by the practice. As long as an invoice is in draft mode, you can un-enroll/enroll patients and the draft invoice will automatically update.

An email will be sent to notify you that an invoice has been generated and/or issued and is ready for your review/payment. To view the invoice, login to

  1. Click on the 'Invoice' tab 

  2. Click into the invoice you would like to view

  3. When you are ready to pay the invoice, click the green 'process payment' button. 

At the top of every invoice, you also have the option to print, download or export the invoice to excel.

If you would like us to automatically process payment for you, you can turn 'AutoPay' on from your 'Payment Options' tab. Payment will be automatically processed on the invoice's due date.

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