The Hint platform has a set of tools designed to manage one-off negative charges to discount an invoice, and tools designed so that you can pre-define a set of negative charge items. There is also the ability to assign negative charges to discount categories making it easy to filter charges in revenue and payment reports by categories.

In the 'Charges & Taxes' section in Admin, you can preload discount categories and negative charge items.

Click here to learn more about how to preload negative charge item.

Adding discounts to a one-off charge invoice

You can add negative charge items to an invoice to discount the invoice total.

To add a one-time discount on an invoice:

  1. Navigate to the patient profile

  2. Click on the 'Invoices' tab

  3. Click '+New Invoice' and '+Add Charge' to add charge items

  4. Click '+Add Charge' to add negative charge items to discount the total due

*NOTE: Negative invoices cannot be issued

Click here to learn about adding recurring charges or discounts to a membership.

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