Please note that we require an invoice be in draft mode for credits and charges to be added.

To add a credit to an employers upcoming invoice:

  1. Navigate to the employer section on the upper right menu bar
  2. Click on the employer's account
  3. Navigate to the most recent invoice
  4. If the most recent invoice is not in draft mode, click 'revise invoice' and 'return to draft'
  5. Click '+ Adjustment'
  6. Search for or select the employee's name in the drop-down menu that you would like to associate the credit or charge with
  7. Select the 'credit' or 'charge' option
  8. Add a description or reason for the credit/charge (please remember to protect the patient's privacy when it comes to the specific details of a lab, service or prescription charge. For example, use a description of 'Lab' instead of 'pregnancy test')
  9. Click 'Add Credit' or 'Add Charge'
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