Please note that we require an invoice be in unpaid for credits or charges to be added.

To add a credit to an employers upcoming invoice:

  1. Navigate to the employer section on the upper right menu bar
  2. Click on the employer's account
  3. Navigate to the most recent invoice
  4. Click '+ Adjustment'
  5. You can search for or select the employee's name in the drop-down menu that you would like to associate the credit or charge with or leave it as a deidentified charge if you do not wish to associate it with an employee
  6. Select the 'credit' or 'charge' optionĀ 
  7. Add a description or reason for the credit/charge (please remember to protect the patient's privacy when it comes to the specific details of a lab, service or prescription charge. For example, use a description of 'Lab' instead of 'pregnancy test')
  8. Click 'Add Credit' or 'Add Charge'
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