To enable additional bill cycles for an employer group:

  1. Click on 'employers' in the top menu bar

  2. Click on the employer you'd like to enable additional bill cycles on

  3. Click on the 'account & pricing' tab

  4.  In the 'employee pricing' section, click 'edit billing period'

  5. Select the billing period you'd like to bill the employer on

To enable additional billing periods on the employer plan:

  1. Navigate to 'Admin' 

  2. Click on 'Employers' 

  3. Select the 'Employer Plans' tab

  4. Click 'view/edit' on the employer plan you want to enable additional bill cycles on

  5. Toggle on the bill cycle you'd like to offer

  6. Click 'Update'

**NOTE: This setting is for all employees enrolled in this company and cannot be set on a per employee basis

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