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Eligibility AutoSync Setup & Configuration
Eligibility AutoSync Setup & Configuration

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What is the Eligibility AutoSync?

Practices that serve employers by providing services to their large (100 to 1000s) employee-base have found that these companies usually have an employee management system in place, an HR system (HRIS) or benefits administration system. To eliminate the need for manual eligibility updates, Hint created a way for that information to be easily integrated from the Third Party Administrator (TPA) or HR system directly into Hint.

With the AutoSync, practices can automate the enrollments, terminations and demographics updates of their employees. This means the changes in enrollment can be automatically reflected in Hint without having to login to the employer portal and manually manage eligibility updates. 

Getting Started:

  1. Have the technical contact at the employer group or TPA fill out this form for configuration preferences

  2. Have the employer group or TPA produce a CSV file with updated eligibility and enrollment information that meets the minimum requirements from our spec file

  3. We'll send the SFTP server credentials to the technical contact

  4. Employer group/TPA sends the automated file to the SFTP server

What is the SFTP Server and how do I send files?

The SFTP Server is a secure environment where Hint can receive files containing patient information on a recurring basis so that it can automatically populate and update your patients records. 

SFTP Authentication Method

You can authenticate to the SFTP in one of two ways:

  1. Public/Private key pair. Generate a key pair so the SFTP client can be connected to Hint's server. Step by step instruction for this can be found here as well as a video here. This is our recommended authentication method.

  2. Username/Password combo. 

If you use the public/private key authentication method, you'll need to generate the public and private keys and send the public key (ending in .pub) to Hint ( 

Finally, if the SFTP is not already installed on the computer being used to upload the patient CSV file, you'll want to download a "client"- we recommend “Filezilla”. Instructions for this can be found here.

From there, log in using the private key or username/password as your identity.  You can then drag and drop the updated CSV file to populate the Hint account.

What to expect once your SFTP is configured

Now that the SFTP Server is set up, with every new upload into the system Hint will update the employer's roster and invoice. Hint will email the parties interested in this with a list of changes with each upload. 

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