To remove a patient from an employer-sponsored membership and begin them on a consumer membership, first remove their coverage with the employer:

  1. Navigate to Employer and find the patient on the 'Employees' tab

  2. Click manage and 'Unenroll' to the right of the patient's name

  3. To make the patient ineligible effective immediately, select an end date in the past

Now you can enroll the patient on a new consumer membership:

  1. From the patient chart, select the 'Memberships' tab

  2. Click '+ New Membership'

  3. When you create this new membership, you can change the membership start date and bill date, as necessary, and add adult and child dependents (**note: if you're getting an overlapping membership error you need to set a future start date that doesn't overlap with their employer coverage)

  4. After membership is configured, scroll down and click 'Create' or 'Create and Bill Now'

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