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FlexScanMD Integration

FlexScan, FlexScanMD and Hint integration, how it pairs with Elation

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FlexScanMD provides medical practices with comprehensive inventory management and Rx label printing

Learn more about FlexScan here.


The integration will automatically pull basic patient demographic information from Hint to FlexScanMD and push charges for dispensed medications/products from FlexScanMD to Hint. Any new patients added to Hint will seamlessly flow over to FlexScanMD behind the scenes.


You can inventory anything you want in FlexScan and can create other items to be dispensed and send those to Hint.

When it comes to medication however, using Elation is recommended to create the Escript flow into FlexScan; which then takes items out of inventory and pushes them to Hint. 

Product record:

  • All of the other types of details that will stay the same regardless of amount and lot number

  • Different product type

  • NDC number

  • RX norm ID

  • Option to do treatment packages (essentially the same as Hint's "charge items"


  • Inventory batches

  • Lot number, quantity, expiration date

  • Can do this by location and can transfer inventory between locations

  • Can use bar code to add

  • Additionally have custom bar codes that can be added to the bottle that with the same lot number/etc              

Elation -> Flexscan -> Hint

  1. Create a prescription

  2. Sign

  3. Refill

  4. Sign and close

  5. Dispense in FlexScan   

  6. Under scripts click "create invoice"

  7. Select which script you want the invoice for and click create invoice

  8. You can add additional things to the invoice (using a barcode or by typing it in) in addition to setting discounts on items

  9. Click post to PM to send to Hint

  10. There is the option to print the script label

  11. Item comes over on invoices -description with the lot number, expiration date, barcode, quantity, price, etc...

  12. No category

Reports available in Flexscan 

  • Product movement

  • Top sold items

User Roles

  • Admin - everything

  • Sales - being able to use dispense tab/invoice 

  • Sales/Inventory - sales + receiving inventory

  • Super users - everything but config tab

  • You can pick and choose which locations a single user can access

  • Limit IP addresses that can access FlexScan 


If you need any support from FlexScanMD, please go here.

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