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QuickBooks Online Deposit Sync
QuickBooks Online Deposit Sync

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Hint's integration with QuickBooks Online will tie out each deposit from Hint to your practice's bank account. 

Configuring the Integration

You can view the status of the integration by going to Admin > Integrations > QuickBooks

The prerequisites for this integration to work are:

  • QuickBooks Online account (this is different from the QuickBooks desktop app- please reach out to your contacts at QB in order to make the switch)

  • PMPM pricing (please reach out to us at if your page looks like the picture below)

  • Cash Based Accounting Only: you must use payment deposit date for accounting (not service date)

  • Sales tax billing will not be covered as part of the sync (this will still need to be accounted for manually)

  • Regular reconciliation of deposits 

Otherwise, simply click on the green "Connect to QuickBooks" button and follow the directions provided. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions on this process!

How it Works

  • Hint will create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online (QBO) that will link each deposit to an account you specify (such as undeposited funds, or a checking account).  This will break out fees, and payments by charge category. 

  • Once transactions are synced from your practice’s bank, you can match this journal entry from the “Banking” with a single click on the “Match” button.  To review the breakdown from Hint, click on the journal entry before matching.

  • Matched deposits can be viewed in the “In QuickBooks” tab.

  • The accounts in QuickBooks will show the correct transactions with the description of the Hint category name.  Click on the line to see the deposit information and detail.

  • Unmatched deposits can be seen (alongside matched ones) in the Bank Register. 

  • Deposit Journal Entries will be updated when data changes in Hint.  This will automatically update the accounts in QBO.  The current revision of the journal entry is also in QBO. 

For more information on the QuickBooks integration, we also have a FAQ page here

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