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1. Are locations synced over?
No, but locations can be added manually to each journal entry before or after matching with the deposit. This will reduce the amount of work required today but will not be fully automated.

2. Is sales tax synced over?
No, the full amount of the payment (minus fees) will be allocated to the income accounts.  You can manually add lines to journal entries to move sales tax to the correct account.  This will reduce the amount of work required today but will not be fully automated.

3. Why is this based on deposit date and not service date?
Most practices using QuickBooks are doing cash-based accounting which uses the date of the deposit for accounting purposes.

4. Do cash payments from Hint get pushed to QuickBooks Online?
No, all external payments including cash and check will need to be managed manually. 

5. Will you be integrating with QuickBooks Desktop?
No, we do not have plans to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. 

6. Can I backfill previous months of deposits?

Yes, when enabling the integration it will ask for a date to start the sync, we will backfill deposits available on or after that date in the bank account.

7. Why didn't my deposit sync to Quickbooks?

View the report 'Quickbooks Deposit Sync Report' to see why a deposit sync failed. Here are a few common errors and how to resolve them:

  • Please balance your debits and credits - review and fix the error in Quickbooks

  • Deposit has unrecorded receipts - contact to resolve

  • Cannot sync deposit because it was updated on Quickbooks - a change was made in Quickbooks after the deposit was synced. Hint will not override changes made to a journal entry

8. Can I retry a deposit sync?

Deposit syncs are automatically retried if the underlying data changes like a category mapping. If a deposit doesn't sync after you update category mappings, please contact

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