When a payment on an invoice fails, Hint has an automated collections process to ensure you can get paid by your members without manual intervention.

For Auto-Pay Credit Cards:

  • A scheduled payment is attempted on the due date of the invoice (attempt #1)
  • If it fails, Hint will retry that card in 24 hours (attempt #2)
  • If attempt #2 fails, Hint will retry the card in 48 hours (attempt #3)
  • If attempt #3 fails, Hint will send an email to the patient (first email to patient)
  • If the patient responds and adds a card within 7 days, Hint will auto-process the payment
  • If the patient doesn’t respond after 7 days, Hint will attempt to charge the card once more (attempt #4)
  • If attempt #4 fails, Hint will send a final follow-up email to the patient, and send a notification to the practice users about the failed payment. The status of the invoice will also transition out of “retrying” back to “issued”.
  • The emails to the patients are sent after 3 days and after 10 days from the initial attempt, for all cards.
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