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Sling Health

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Sling Health is a care coordination platform that provides DPC practices with a trained and dedicated 24/7 virtual care team (at a fraction of the cost of hiring) so that you can spend less time on admin work and provide your patients with a super-responsive and convenient patient experience.

  • Highly qualified medical professionals

  • Available 24/7/365

  • Faster and less expensive than hiring

  • Impactful from Day 1

What data is synced to Sling Health?

  • List of providers

  • List of clinic locations

  • Patient demographics (all statuses)

  • Membership Status

Does Sling Health help me with collections?
Not currently. Sling provides DPC practices with the following services:

  • Scheduling

  • Visit Summaries

  • Care Coordination

  • High-Touch Follow Ups

  • Back Office Administration

Will Sling need access to my EMR?
Yes. During your kickoff call with Sling Health, you will discuss your desired level of operational support and develop an escalation path that Sling incorporates into their workflows. They will track all patients encounters directly in your EMR.
To integrate with Sling Health:

  1. Click on 'Admin'

  2. Click on 'Integrations'

  3. Click on 'Other Integrations'

  4. Select 'Sling Health'

  5. Click 'Integrate with Sling Health'

  6. Schedule your kick off call to learn more or to get started

For additional information or questions on Sling Healths offerings, please contact support@slinghealth.comย 

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