Affiliate invoices will be automatically generated monthly based on your affiliate fee plan and enrolled members. Today, payments are only managed outside of Hint by mailing a check to the affiliate. After you send the check, you can mark the invoice as paid.

Follow these steps to view and approve an affiliate invoice and mark the invoice as paid: 

  1. Click 'Networks' in the upper right corner
  2. From the 'Affiliate Bills' tab you will see the current month's affiliate invoices. Click the date filter to view an invoice from a different month
  3. Click into an invoice
  4. Click the blue 'Approve Invoice' button to issue the invoice 
  5. From the bottom of the invoice, click 'Mark as Paid'
  6. You can now indicate the amount paid, date, 'paid by' and include a check number in the memo field
  7. Click 'Record Payment of $XXX' to record the payment

A network can mark the invoice as paid upon sending payment or an affiliate can mark an invoice as paid upon receiving payment. The status on the invoice will change to paid in both accounts regardless of who marks the invoice as paid. 

If you need to make adjustments to the invoice before approving, read our article on adding a charge or credit to an affiliate invoice

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