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DPC Networks: How to Edit an Affiliate Invoice
DPC Networks: How to Edit an Affiliate Invoice
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In some cases, you'll need to edit an affiliate invoice. Examples include adding a passed-through lab charge or adding a credit to account for a backdated termination. 

Follow these steps to add an adjustment to an affiliate invoice:  

  1. Click 'Networks' in the upper right corner

  2. From the 'Affiliate Bills' tab you will see the current month's affiliate invoices. Click the date filter to view an invoice from a different month

  3. Click into the unpaid or draft invoice you'd like to add a credit/charge to

  4. Click on '+ Adjustment'

  5. Add the charge or credit details

  6. Click 'Add Charge/Credit'

Note: While you'll need to add a credit to the affiliate account to account for backdated terminations, charges are automatically added to the draft invoice for backdated employee enrollments.

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