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Sending a Custom Notification
Sending a Custom Notification

Sending a custom email to your patients.

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To customize the message you'd like to send to your patients:

  1. Click on 'Admin'

  2. Click on 'Notifications'

  3. In the 'Patients' section, scroll down to the notification called 'Custom Message'

  4. Click 'Customize'

​Tips for customizing your message:

  1. Make sure to edit the subject line

  2. Remove the text in the body section and replace with your message

If you'd like the patient's name to auto-populate in the message, add this as the opening greeting:

Hi {{recipient.name_for_notifications}},

You can preview your message at anytime by clicking 'Preview & Save' or by sending yourself a test copy. Please note that test copy emails will not auto-populate names or values (if using our pre-populated values).
​Sending your email:
Once the message has been customized, click 'Send Email' to choose your audience.

Choosing your audience:
When you're selecting your audience, you can select different segments:

  1. Active patients

  2. Inactive patients

  3. Both active and inactive

Additionally, within each of the segments are options for all patients or only the membership owner/payer. If you are sending an email about a pricing increase, you likely only want to notify the membership owner/payer. If you are sending out a more general notification like holiday hours, you can select a more broad audience.

As a note, these custom notifications will be sent to all patients selected from the section above, including those who have not agreed to the ePHI waiver.

If you have questions on how to customize your message, please reach out to

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