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Understanding your billing tab
Understanding your billing tab
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Invoices that are owed to Hint will be generated every month and can be found here.ย 

Once an invoice is generated we will send the owner of the account a message letting them know a new invoice has been created. Later that night (around 12am PST) we will process payment.

You can pay for an invoice with either a credit card or a bank account . To add a payment source:

Go to your billing tab here.

If you have never added a payment source before, click on '+ Add Payment Method':

To change or edit your payment method, click on 'Edit':

Click either '+ Add Payment Method' to add a card or bank account.

If you click '+ Add Bank Account' a window will pop up where you can enter bank account information:

If you click 'Add a credit card' a window ill pop up where you can enter the card number, expiration, cvc and zip code

In order to reduce our processing fees, we would appreciate it if you add a bank account.

If you have an accounting team that you would like to be able to access invoices but not see any patient info, you can add them to your 'users' tab here and give them the role 'Practice Billing Only'

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