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Here's what most practices included in a DPC membership

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Most do not charge a per-visit fee for services covered under the membership by their DPC practices (89%), and about half charge a one-time enrollment fee for new DPC memberships (54%).

Services & Procedures Included in DPC Membership

The majority of respondents reported covering the following procedures or services for no additional fees

with a DPC membership at their practices:

o Phone/text consults (99%)

o Same-day appointments (99%)

o EKG (88%)

o Telemedicine (88%)

o Urgent care/walk-in appointments (84%)

o Nutritional counseling (83%)

o Weight management (82%)

o Wellness coaching (79%)

o Biopsy and excisions (70%)

o Cryosurgery (65%)

o House calls/home visits (58%)

o Joint injections (58%)

o Spirometry (56%)

Services & Procedures Offered at an Additional Cost

The majority of respondents reported covering the following procedures or services for DPC members at their practices with an additional fee (i.e., patient cost sharing):

o Basic laboratory testing such as HgbA1C, lipids, CMP, TSH, PSA, PAP, CBC, U/A (69%)

o Sending off pathology specimens (66%)

o Prescriptions drugs (57%)

o Adult immunizations (53%)

Services & Procedures Not Offered At Clinic

The majority of respondents reported not covering the following procedures or services at their practices (i.e., not included as part of a DPC membership nor offered for an additional patient fee):

o Flexible sigmoidoscopy exam (97%)

o Obstetrical services (91%)

o Vasectomy (88%)

o Colonoscopy (82%)

o Tympanometry (82%)

o Ultrasound imaging (74%)

o X-ray (74%)

o Addiction medicine (73%)

o Functional/integrative medicine (61%)

o Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals (57%)

o Endometrial sampling (57%)

o Children and adolescent immunizations (51%)

This information was derived from a DPC study published by the society of actuaries. Read the full study here.

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