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Paying Broker Accounts & Adjusting Statements
Paying Broker Accounts & Adjusting Statements
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A commission statement represents a monthly collection of commission lines. It aggregates the amount payable to the broker accounts and tracks the payout to the broker account on a monthly basis.

Monthly Commission Payouts

Take the following steps to pay your brokers every month:

  1. Navigate to ‘Commissions’ in the main menu bar

  2. Click the 'Statements' tab

  3. The date filter will default to the current month. You can adjust the filter to look at a different billing period, if needed

  4. Click into an invoice to review the details

  5. You can check the amounts, number of patients patients, add a bonus or adjustment, and issue the statement

  6. Once the invoice is issued, write the check / instruct your finance team to send the EFT for the amount on the statement

  7. You can download the invoice pdf by clicking 'Download' in the upper right of the invoice. You can then print the invoice and include it with the mailed check or email the invoice to your broker outside of Hint.

  8. Record that payout and method (check number, EFT number), if desired

NOTE: Deals will only appear as 'due' on the broker statement if the patient has paid the practice for that month's membership dues. When a statement is issued the pending (not collected) commission lines will be moved to the next month’s draft invoice.

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