1. What commission rates does HintOS support?

  • $ or % based

  • Primary member or all members

  • HintOS not support 4 tier at this time

2. How do I send summary information to the broker?

A pdf version of the broker statement will be coming soon

3. How do I send detailed / patient information to the broker?

  • Navigate to the commission statement: Commissions > Statements > Click into an invoice

  • Look for header 'Patient Level Calculations'

  • Click the blue link 'statement lines report'

  • You will be taken to the 'Statement Lines' Report

  • Click the blue cloud to download the report and send to your broker

4. How do I archive a broker account?

At this time, a user will not be able to archive a broker account from HintOS. Please contact Hint customer support to archive a broker account support@hint.com

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