There are two ways to term a patient via an autosync file:

  1. Term by end date. If the term date is in the past, we will present a warning that we couldn't backdate the term date. You can use this warning as a trigger to adjust or add a credit to the employer invoice.
  2. Term by omission. When terming by omission, we don't know if the patient should be retro termed to the 1st of the current month or future termed to the 1st of the following month. To help ensure we have a predictable way to set terminations when a patient is omitted from a file mid-month, we can set a termination cutoff date. If the patient is omitted from the file prior to the cutoff date, they get retro termed to the 1st of the current month. If they get omitted from the file after the cutoff date, they get future termed on the 1st of the following month.

Autosync Errors or Warnings Associated with Terminations:

Membership End Date in the file is in the past. Hint terminated the membership with a current end date. Please review what invoice adjustments may be needed.

  • This warning arises when the patient's end date is prior to the first of the current month.
  • How to Resolve: Determine whether you want to refund the employer then add a credit to the invoice.

End Date Discrepancy: Patient in file does not have an end date whereas patient in Hint is in their last billing period.

  • This error arises when the patient has a NULL end date in the file but their membership is ending in Hint.
  • How to Resolve: Check if the previous file had an end date on the patient. If it did, then reactivate the membership. If it did not, then a practice or employer staff member manually ended the membership. Reach out to them to find out whether the person should be reactivated or not. Contact Hint with questions.

Could not process enrollment: Membership End Date is before start date

  • This error arises when a patient's membership has already been billed but the file indicates it was cancelled prior to the start of coverage.
  • How to Resolve: Manually terminate/delete the membership.
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