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HintOS Dashboard Report
HintOS Dashboard Report
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The HintOS Dashboard is your window into payment and membership activity. This dashboard is broken down into two main features:

  • Outstanding Balances in Patient Invoices

  • Membership Analytics

Patient Invoices

The patient invoices section highlights any outstanding balances owed to your practice, as well as any Issued but unsent invoices.

This dashboard works in tandem with the Patient Invoices report so you can quickly access the list of invoices with a balanced owed to your practice. Click View Outstanding or Issued, but unsent invoices to quickly navigate to this report under any of the three time-periods seen above.

Membership Analytics

Membership growth and churn are two crucial factors in the health of your practice. This dashboard helps give you a visual and statistical summary of how your practice is doing.

Here you can use a number of breakout factors and filters within this dashboard to track the following membership trends:

  • Active, growth, attrition

  • Active Members

  • Enrollments

  • Terminations

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