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Adding an Employer Credit or One-off Charge
Adding an Employer Credit or One-off Charge
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Please note that you cannot add a charge or credit to a fully paid invoice.

To adjust the total on an employer's upcoming invoice:

  1. Navigate to the employer section on the upper right menu bar

  2. Click on the employer's account

  3. Navigate to the most recent invoice

  4. Click '+ Add Charge and Adjustment'

  5. You can select one of your preconfigured charge items or type in anything you want

  6. If you are selecting a preconfigured charge, the charge category, description, and amount will automatically populate. Otherwise, you can set these fields yourself as you enter the charge/credit.

  7. The date of the charge will default to today's date, but you can adjust that to whatever date you'd like

  8. You can also assign the charge to a specific patient, provider, or location or you can leave those all blank

  9. If you are adding a credit make sure to put a negative sign before the amount ex: -50

  10. When everything looks good, select 'Add Charge'

As a note, by default, we hide full charge detail & patient names from the employer. For example, the employer would not be able to see which patient had a specific lab run. If you want the patient details for one-off charges exposed to the employer, you can change this setting under 'Invoice Settings.'

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