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Patient Lead Sources Report
Patient Lead Sources Report
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The Patient Lead Sources report provides you with a visual indication of where your patients are signing up from. You can find this new report by clicking Reports then Patient Lead Sources from the dropdown at the top of your screen.

Active Patients w/ Known Lead Source

This section provides you with the percentage of your active patients with a known lead source. This helps you see if your practice is succeeding in capturing lead sources when patients are signing up.

Top Lead Sources Among Active Patients

This graph gives you an easy to read visual of your most popular lead sources. Use this to see what is working the best and what could be either improved upon or replaced with a new idea.

Lead Source Summary

Want an easy to read summary of all your active patients and their respective lead sources? Come here to see a patient's provider, patient ID that you can use to find them in Hint, their name, active status, and finally their lead source.

Download your data

You can download any of these three data sources by hovering your mouse to the upper right of each module and clicking the three lines as seen below.

Click Download Data or Download Image to export this data directly to your Downloads folder.

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