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Revenue Forecast Report
Revenue Forecast Report
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Our revenue forecast report was built to give you a look into the future and see how much revenue you are projected to receive for the current year.

This report is made up of membership revenue only. For already generated invoices, this means charges with the category membership. Membership invoices generated by the system default to having this category. If you ever need to manually create a membership invoice you will want to make sure you add the membership category to the charge.

For future billing periods, we are using membership start dates, billing periods, end dates, contract dates etc to calculate the expected amounts.

This report includes membership invoices for the current year that have been issued and paid, issued but not paid, and scheduled to be issued. Another way to think of this is the report is based on billed and projected revenue, not received revenue.

In the dashboard there are 3 views available.

View 1: Broken out by month the total amount of already billed and projected revenue

View 2: Same data as view one but in bar graph format. A bar will turn green to indicate that month has passed.

View 3: The raw data that shows you how we got to the numbers in views 1 & 2. One thing to keep in mind is that Next Bill Date is when the next invoice will be generated. So even if their January invoice has not yet been paid but is generated, their next bill due will say February.

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