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How to Make a Payment Using the Card Reader
How to Make a Payment Using the Card Reader

This article will walk you through how to pay invoices with your card reader

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Now that you have your card reader set up it's time to start using it to pay for your patients' invoices. If you still need to set up your card reader, click here for the BBPOS WisePOS™ E setup guide and click here for the Verifone P400 setup guide.

To begin, navigate to the patient of your choosing and select an invoice that needs to be paid.

  • Click on the green Process Payment button from within the invoice to pull up your possible payment sources.

  • From here, select Card Reader, then choose your card reader from the dropdown. You may have multiple card readers within your Hint account, so be mindful of which reader you choose.

  • If you'd like to store this card for future use, you can toggle on the option directly from this step.

Next, click on the Process button at the bottom of this popup and have the patient enter their card into the reader.

There will be a series of messages that you will see once the reader is ready to process the transaction. On your end you'll see "Waiting for Card Input" then once the card is recognized, you'll read "Processing" as seen below:

From the patient's end, they'll be prompted to add their card with the message and visual below:

Once the payment has been accepted, you'll see the invoice will automatically update to Paid status and the payment method used will be listed in the Payment History at the bottom of the invoice.

And that's it! You've now successfully used your card reader to complete a transaction.

If you ever have any questions regarding your card reader, contact the Hint Customer Success team at

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