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Workflow Automation with Spruce
Workflow Automation with Spruce

Tips & tricks for getting the most out of your Spruce integration

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If you weren’t able to join us during the DPC Accelerator Office Hours with Spruce, we didn’t want you to miss out on these key nuggets that could make a BIG impact on your business.

Nugget #1. “If you can dream it, we can build it” - Kait, Spruce

The possibilities of workflow automation is robust to say the least. Think about tasks and outreach that you can automate and connect with the team at Spruce to see what can be done.

Everything from onboarding new patients to reaching out to patients who have not had contact with the office for a set period of time can be sent an automated message. Click here for more ideas on workflow automation with Spruce.

Nugget #2. “My text messages from Spruce wake me up in the middle of the night.”

Access is a key component of Direct Care. Sometimes even the patients who are onboarded to the practice and taught how to communicate still send non-urgent messages outside of business hours. Did you know that you could set up an autoresponder with a customized message?

You could even have urgent messages go into a workflow like texting a cell phone, creating a folder in your inbox, and more.

Consider setting up one of these autoresponders.

Nugget #3. It feels like the workflow isn't working, maybe we aren’t seeing something.

Incorporate folders into the workflow and share them with specific members or teams. You can customize settings so that not everyone will have the same view, so if you are an admin on your account get specific here!

Sometimes it takes “doing it” to really see what you need, so continuously assess what is working and what isn’t for you and your team. Your practice will grow and evolve, so lean into the customer support team to talk through what's working and where there is room for improvement.

Nugget #4. The staff has a hard time deciding which messages to look at and which ones the doctors need to look at, is there a way to differentiate these messages.

This is our favorite - Spruce Buttons or phone trees! Send an automated message from the app or when they text into the office. Customize your menu options, such as “How can we help you today?” The buttons would provide the patient with options, such as, schedule an appointment, ask a billing question, or speak with a provider. The patient can select the appropriate option, and based upon their response, a workflow could trigger a page to a team member, or store the conversation in a particular folder to support the team in identifying which messages they should handle.

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