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Patient Portal: Accessing Account Statements
Patient Portal: Accessing Account Statements

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This article details how a patient can generate their account statements in their patient portal. Account statements are used for end of year tax purposes, to report money spent on healthcare services, or to seek reimbursement from an employer.

To email a portal access link to a patient, follow these steps:

  1. From the main patients section in your Hint account: Search for and select the patient you would like to send an access link to

  2. At the top of the patient contact info section, click the blue link called "Send access link"

    **Note: The patient will need to have a valid email address on file and the ePHI waiver will need to accepted to be able to send this email

This will trigger an email to the patient to access their self-service portal.

They will immediately be directed to their patient portal. From there, patients can access their account statements under their 'Invoices' tab. A patient's account statement can be downloaded by clicking the "Generate Account Statement" dropdown menu, located in the upper-left corner. From this dropdown menu, patients can select which account statement time frame they want to download.

After they make their selection, their account statement will be generated. On their account statement, patient's can then see all of their transactions made during that time frame, including their charges, payments, credits, refunds, and remaining account balance. Additionally, all transaction items are individually displayed, with their corresponding transaction date, invoice, item, and amount.

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