ePrescribe Using Veradigm

ePrescribe in Hint, Veradigm

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Follow these steps to prescribe medications in Hint All-In-One using Veradigm. If you haven't configured ePrescribe settings yet, please contact support@hint.com.

  1. Navigate to a patient's chart in Hint All-In-One Clinical

  2. Click '+ Interaction' and select 'Rx'

  3. From the window that appears click 'For ePrescribe, use Veradigm'. You will be redirected to Veradigm to complete the remaining steps.

  4. Your patient should be pre-selected in Veradigm. Click 'Select Med'.

  5. Choose from a list of recent meds or search for new meds. Once you locate the med you want to prescribe, click the radial button to the left of the name, then click 'Select Sig'

  6. Choose from a preset or click 'Write Free Text Sig'. Indicate supply, quantity, refills, special instructions, and once complete, click 'Add & Review'

  7. Next, select a pharmacy from a list of favorites, or search for a new one. To select one of your recents, simply click the circle next to it, and click 'Continue'.

  8. Select the destination of the prescription and click 'Process Script Pad' once finalized.

  9. Lastly, you will be redirected back to the initial screen, and will see a confirmation of your prescription. Well done!

How to Reset Your Password

You will need to call Veradigm technical support: (877)933-7274 and have them reset your password. When calling them, select option 1 (for working on a new case) and then select option 1 again (for password reset).

Note: If you are out of the United States, you will not be able to access ePrescribe, unless you have access to a VPN.

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