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Using Template Shortcuts in Patient Interactions

Here you can learn how to utilize your created templates

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This article will show you how to use templates in Hint All-In-One. If you are looking for an article on how to create a template, click here.

1. On a patient's chart in Clinical, you can select '+ Interaction' to open the interaction window

2. You can use templates in several types of interactions, such as notes, emails, and SMS text messages. This resource will demonstrate using templates in a note, so select 'Note' from the Interaction drop-down menu

3. Type in the desired shortcut. Press the enter key after typing the shortcut and the desired shortcut populates

4. Your template will now populate the note. You can type directly into the "wild card" shortcuts to fill them out

5. Once finished, click 'Sign'. The note is now saved as an interaction in the interactions list.

Note: At this time, templates can only be used within the following interactions:

  • Email

  • Document

  • Fax

  • Note

  • Phone Call

  • SMS

  • Log SMS

It cannot be used in a Sticky Note.

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